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The Copy Write Girl
Food and Wellness Brand Copywriting


Certified Copywriter at Write Your Way to Freedom

Expand your business with captivating and conversion driven
SEO copy.


Here is what



copy work

can do for your business


and grow your audience 

Connection is key via strong copywriting
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By clearly speaking to your audience's needs, wishes, and desires, your copy will connect with your visitors at a much deeper and more impactful level. As a result, you will build meaningful and long-term connections, which will ultimately convert your audience to paying customers.


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authority & establish trust

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By strategically highlighting your expertise and knowledge in the food and wellness industry, you'll pinpoint yourself as the authority figure in your field. As you demonstrate how your brand benefits and meets their needs, individuals will turn to you and your brand as a credible expert.


Copywriting will target the right audience
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your audience to faithful fans

By using magnetizing and
stand-out copywriting you'll attract a larger and more targeted audience, convert leads to customers, and grow your business to new and exciting levels. Focusing on your client's experience and being intentional every step of the way maximizes your impact and sets you apart from others in your field.

Now Serving... a Cupful of Copy

Today’s world is busy to say the least, and as a business owner your plate is already full.  Am I right?  Let’s be honest!  It’s your role as a business owner to remain the creative genius that you are so you can continue to put your energy and efforts into doing what you do best- creating food or wellness products and services that nourish one’s mind, body, and soul.


You’re the brains of your business, but writing and marketing just may not be your “cup of tea!”


Here is where I come in!


I partner with food and wellness brand professionals who are looking to clarify their messaging, make more money, and ultimately help more people live happy, healthy, and terrific lives. 

I create organic and authentic copy work that…


  • Aligns your messaging with your business’s mission and vision

  • Captivates your audience and builds genuine relationships with your brand

  • Establishes you as an authority figure within your industry

  • Uses SEO strategies to grow your audience and make more sales (More sales= more people helped)

  • Creates happy customers who come back for “second helpings”

Tired of putting in the effort and not getting the pay off?  Let's start up a conversation to see how we can align your copy to your mission so that you connect with your audience and convert them to long-term fanatics!

Meet Erin Ward, the Copy WRite Girl who loves wellness
Meet Erin Ward, The Copywrite Girl!

Who is the Copy Write Girl?

I'm Erin Ward! I'm a matcha making, farmer's market going foodie who loves to cook and provide my loved ones


with healthy food and wellness products.  I used to be a "closet" label reader, but now I am passionate about educating and empowering others about the hidden ingredients in what we eat and use around their home.  

My mission is to shine light on food & wellness professionals and brands, like you, by amplifying your message and creating more loyal customers. 

I am deeply rooted in the food and wellness space.  Over a decade ago, I became certified in the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and Thought Field Therapy.  In addition, I've authored and published three books, one being a cookbook using healthy and clean ingredients.  On top of that, I have also worked as Marketing manager at one of the U.S's largest health clinics where I was in charge of all of their press, social network accounts and print media materials. Ultimately, as The Copy Write Girl, I've paired my love for food, wellness, and writing to spread the power and value in living a healthy lifestyle. 


"I partner with food & wellness brand professionals to uplevel and align their messaging in order to turn interested leads into happy fans! 



I provide a variety of expert services ranging from web content, blogs & articles, to website building.


When you team up with me, you’ll gain copy work that attracts more like-minded leads that convert to happy and loyal customers.  Additionally, we’ll team up together to ensure your copy aligns with your brand’s mission and voice.  As a result, you’ll experience more sales and boost your authority and respect in the food and wellness industry.

As a freelance food and wellness writer, I pair my knowledge of healthy eating and living with my background in marketing and writing.


Every piece I develop is...

  • Researched for accuracy

  • Uses strong SEO strategies to maximize your reach

  • Always checked for effectiveness to maximize your impact


I write to express your message and put your thoughts and voice on paper.  When I am done with a piece, my goal is for you to say “I couldn’t have said that better!”

In addition to copy work, when you work with me you’ll get…

  • Formatting that is easy for both the research reader and the skimmer

  • Article ideas

  • Website campaign strategies to stay in communication with your current audience and clients

  • Photography (either by me or royalty free photos)

My service offerings include...

Website Copy & Audits 

The Copy Write Girl  lines
The Copy Write Girl Website images

SEO Blogs

Email Sequences

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Looking for a combination of my services?
Reach out to me and let me know all about your business's needs.  We can put together a customized package offer or a monthly retainer.

What others are saying about  
The Copy Write Girl

"Erin is an amazing human and an absolute joy to collaborate with.  Erin goes above and beyond in her work to make sure any job she is doing, no matter how big or small, is up to her high standards! Erin's commitment to excellence is an inspiring example to others.  Erin has an infectious positivity which creates an uplifting atmosphere that makes working alongside her a privilege and joy."

Christina Kroder at Kroder Creative


Kroder Creative, Owner

"I am BEYOND impressed by the speed, creativity and unique flair that The Copywrite Girl, Erin Ward, exhibited when designing our wellness site. She produced the most dynamic and visually engaging site possible. Every element perfectly portrays our personality and strategically keeps the viewer engaged and prompted to take action. She nailed it!"

Meet Julie who is a satisfied website design and copywriting client.


At the Living Tree, Co-Founder

"When I tried to create my own website I could not figure out what to say. Thankfully I found Erin, the Copy Write Girl!! She took my thoughts and created a beautiful, well-worded site. In the first 6 days, I had 3 new people contact me to schedule a consultation!"
Meagan Avitable is thrilled with her copywriting on her successful business website.


Time to Talk IEP's, Owner

Julie and Robyn, Co-Founders of At the Living Tree

Happy Clients

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We'll chat!
If both of us believe we'd make a good team and I feel I can grow your business and brand, we'll partner together to launch your project.

Reach out!
Send me a message telling me a bit about your business so I can get to know you and your product/service more.  Share with me your goals and what you're looking to improve.

I'll Review!
I will review your website and social media platforms to generate feedback and develop input for growth.  If we are a good fit we'll schedule a call. 

Meet Erin Ward, the Copy Write Girl who loves nutrition
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